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Hello: My name is German. Thanks for joining!!. Please read carefully.

I am founder of

My mission is help people to learn and to be successful in Forex.
POZ is my Product Branding and this means Power Zones.!!

POZ offers you two products: Waveao system and Power Zones Lines.

1)Waveao System:

Main idea is looking for accuracy pullbacks below or above tunnel 160-140 ema and grid of ema 34 with High, Close and Low values. Based on tunnel vegas method. The system has special algorithm with divergence and fibonacci levels concepts. Additionally you can see in the same chart RSI values all time frames.

WaveAo System bring to you incredible Currency Strength indicator. So you can see whole market situation of all currencies. This information is determining factor for taking the best decision before open trades. So wonderful.!!Remember this: When you open position of AUDUSD, what is happening with currency AUD?. Currency strength answer this question!!!

Furthermore you can change setup parameters of Curreny Strength so you can see only the base currency and counter currency ot currency pair. For example:

2)Power Zones Lines:

The key concept of Power Zones Lines Indicator is Price Action. The system use Pivots, Fibonacci, Linear Regresion, Fr:actals, High-High, Low-Low, M1, M2, M3, Support and Resistence Lines , Swing High, Swing Low in Mutiple Time Frames (Hour, Week, Monthly, Year) and other Proprietary Calculations.

When these power lines find each other there is a high probability of Price Reaction. This is a Reality!!!

The point is , How do you use this Powerful Confluence?

Power Zones Lines has a simple setup and you can select different options to change the view of chart. This indicator works in MT4 and I suggest use in 1 hour time frame. The visualization is better. You can apply Power Zones like Scalper or Intraday style.

You will found Power Zones Lines user manual details (tab section) with options of Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Take action!!

To Be Positive, To Be Disciplined, Perseverance are High Skills in the Forex Life. Remember that always.!!

Please, RISK:REWARD ratio 1:2 in all your positions.

Please, Always, Always, Always: Use Stop Loss. Stop Loss is SACRED!!



1.- Price: 80 $$.

2.- 1 Payment Only.

You will receive:

1.- Waveao indicator.

2.- Currency Strenght

3.- Dashboard RSI signals all currency frames and time frames.

4.- Power Zones Lines Confluence.

Please for more details review User and Bonus manual (Free, tabs section)

License: 1 Live Account and 1 Demo Account.

You will receive full technical support.!!
Please feel free contact me: or


All Best!!

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