Waves with WaveAO: All Together!!

Dear All: We are finishing Manual of WaveAO. Meanwhile we will put new post with some details:.

1. WaveAo uses Elliot Wave theory and Vegas Tunnel Method. The Mission is find Wave 3, 4 and 5 below(above) the tunnel. All strategies are focused in that event.!!

2.- Pullback and Divergence Indicator not repaint!!

3.- When Pullback appears you will see a message in the chart (right corner below) with Take Profit, StopLoss , Points Profit, Points Loss and Risk Reward Ratio.

4.- When Divergence appears (Green(red) arrow) you will see a message in the chart (left corner below) with total divergences. The goal profit of divergence is the tunnel.

5.- Upper left corner show points of Wave 3, Wave 4 and Wave 5. If wave structure has Wave 5 blue(red) dot will confirm the wave 5 .

6.- RSI & CCI MTF are available. The calculation of the average score uses M1 to D1 time frames. You will have MTF indicators like visibles values in the main chart and histogram in subwindow.

Stay Tunning!!New Post are coming.!!

PowerZones will release this System and Manual very soon!!. The Manual will be free so you will read with details WaveAO System .!!

Do you know Power Zones?. Please read the web site!! User Manual and Bonus Manual are free!. Thanks.

eBook free - Tab User Manual.

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