Power Zones: Divergence Wave Tunnel

Power Zones give to you new Bonus: Divergence Wave Tunnel System.
This System uses DivIao indicator. The mission is looking for Wave 5 of Elliot Wave.

DivIao uses emas 34 , 144 and 169. At the same time detect automatically divergence with AO indicator. It is not common divergence indicator. The goal is find Wave 5 of Elliot Wave.!!!

The best part of system is Dashboard of DivIao. This Dashboard tracking all currencies pair and all time frames looking for opportunities of divergences with DivIao. You can see a example below:

For more information of DivIao you can read the Bonus Manual. It is free. At the end of this manual you will find DivIao System (Page 28).

When you buy Power Zones you will receive 8 wonderful Super bonus: Fibonacci Confluence, Swing, Clustering Jump, POZMACD, RSI MTF (EA&Indicator),Harmonic EA and DivIao system.

Do you know Power Zones?. Please read all web site....Thanks.

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