Power Zones New version

New version of Power Zones!!: Now you can see Extreme Areas, Power Zones Blocks and Gauss Grid with horizontal lines.

When you see green lines closer is time to buy. (Like chart above).

When you see red lines closer is time to Sell. (Like chart above).

Now in this version you can see wide lines (strong levels) and thin lines.

Very powerful when you find green(red) lines closer.

Mission of Power Zones: Search Strong Confluences Areas of Fractals, Fibonacci, Pivots, Swings, M1, M2, M3, Linear Regresion, Support, Resistance, Proprietary Calculations in all time frames.

Read User Manual. It is free!!. Chapter of Power Zones New version I described more details.

Do you know Power Zones?. Please read all web site. You will find wonderful bonus!!

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