Bonus Power Zones: RSI MTF (EA & Indicator)

Multi TimeFrame Strategy is very Powerful. Other Bonus of Power Zones is RSI MTF (EA & Indicator). This is a wonderful tool. You can see when match M30 & H1 & H4 & Daily time frame with RSI(Relative Strength Index) > 50 at the same time, for example, it is time to buy.

RSI MTF EA check the following condition:
"if ((Rsi-M30 && Rsi-H1 && Rsi-H4 && Rsi-D1) > 50 && (Previous bars of any time frame < 50)) ==> TIME TO BUY.

"..any time frame" means: M30 or H1 or H4 or D1.

Same thing with SELL when RSI<50.

The exit of this Expert Advisor is when RSI of H1 time frame is < 50 (or > 50). Totally automatic.!!

The parameter of this Expert Advisor are lots and trailingstop. Using a trailing stop allows you to let profits run while cutting losses at the same time.

Now when you buy Power Zones the bonus are: Swing , Fibonnaci Confluence, POZMACD, Clustering Jump and RSI MTF (EA & Indicator). !!!

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