Fractals & Extreme Areas & Divergence

When you see Fractals Confluence (red value) , Extreme Areas Closer and Divergence is time to reaction!!. Note at the same time the reaction in blue block (fractal confluence stronger) and green extreme area. Is very important considerer the Divergence with Awesome Oscillator (Indicator in MT4). This indicator does not have parameters but internally the parameters are: 5, 34, 9. I mean Fast Ema = 5, Slow Ema = 34 and MACD SMA = 9. Like MACD. (5 and 34 are Fibonacci Numbers, coincidence?). The beauty of Awesome Oscillator is show possible wave 5 of Elliot Wave. When you see Divergence and the previous peak of Awesome is below 0 there is a High Probability that you have wave 5 in the structure and possible retracement of price.

Mission of Power Zones: Search all confluences (Fractals, Fibonacci, Pivots, Swings, M1, M2, M3, Linear Regression, Support, Resistance, Proprietary Calculations) in all time frames and after that put the most important confluences in H1 time frame. I mean all these calculations are processed in H1, H4, Daily, Weekly , Month and Year and finally generate clusters of confluences in H1 time frame. In other words all PowerZones Blocks that you see in H1 Time Frame are comming of Higher Time Frames.

You can apply Power Zones in H4 or Daily but H1 the visibility is better.

Power Zones New Version 3.0 release: The principal change is the following: Power Zones manage the concept of Extreme Area. You will see in the chart 3 Green , 3 Blue and 3 Red Blocks (rigth side of prices). Version 3.0 has 3 new parameters: 1.- Extreme Area1: This is High Probability Level of Extreme Areas. (Strong Reaction). 2.- Extreme Area2: This is Medium Probability Level of Extreme Areas. (Medium Reaction). 3.- Extreme Area3: This is Low Probability Level of Extreme Areas. (Low Reaction). If you select all Extreme Areas the High Probability of reaction is when each other are very close (At least 2 of them Red or Green). Any way now you can select the level of your preference.

Read the web site and know more about Forex Power Zones. !!. User Manual is Free!!(User Manual Tab). Thanks.

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