Power Zones Indicator Details

The Core Concept of PowerZones Indicator is Price Action. It uses Pivots, Fibonacci, Linear Regression, Fractals, High-High, Low-Low, M1, M2, M3, Support and Resistence Lines , Swing High, Swing Low in Mutiple Time Frames (Hour, Week, Monthly, Year) and other Proprietary Calculations.

All these calculations are processed in H1, H4, Daily, Week and Year and finally generate clusters of confluences in H1 time frame.

When these methods find each other there is a high probability of Price Reaction. This is a Reality!!!

The point is , How do you use this powerful confluence?

Power Zones Indicator has a simple setup and you can select different options to change the view of chart. This indicator works in MT4 and I suggest use in 1 hour time frame. The visualization is better. You can apply Power Zones like Scalper or Intraday style.

Power Zones manage 3 key concepts: Power Zone Blocks, Extreme Areas and Gauss Grid.

1.- Power Zones Blocks have 4 colors: Gray, Blue, Orange and Red. The Red Blocks are very powerful. The Gray Blocks are very week of reaction but is very useful to set Stop Loss.

I recommend to start only Orange and Red Blocks.

You will see new blocks when the day start. The blocks will be always at the beginning of the Day, I mean time 00:00.

2.- Second concept: Extreme Areas use complex calculations. You will see at the left side of prices 3 Red, 3 Blue and 3 Green Extreme Areas.

When the price touch the highest Red Extreme Area that means time to Sell. That means the overall downtrend is comming.

When the price touch the Lowest Green Extreme Area that means time to Buy. That means the overall uptrend is comming.

When 2 or 3 Red Extreme Areas match there is a super High Probability of reaction.

I have seen few cases of this event. Same thing with the Green Extreme Areas.

In the manual I explain with details options of Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Third concept: Gauss Grid use other calculations. You will see like a Cloud Zone. I recommed use it if there are either Power Zone Blocks or Extreme Areas outside of Gauss Grid. If you use this option you will need more experience in Forex Market.

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