Forex Strategy : Power Zones is a Powerful Group of Prices.

Power Zones in Forex means reaction!!. When the price touches these Clusters or Blocks occurs turn back or breakout of support and resistance lines.

Pure Price Action!!

The Clusters in Power Zones are like BOMB.!!

The theory is the following: When group of powerful prices across among them create solid areas (Clusters). When the price touches these areas there is high probability of strong reaction.

Power Zones is my proprietary indicator. It works in MT4 (MetaTrader 4). You can apply this indicator in any time frame but visually is better in 1 hour.

Power Zones Indicator seeks powerful prices in multiple time frames. (1 Hour, 4 Hour, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).

The idea is show blocks of prices in different colors. The Red is most important cluster.

You will see 4 different colors: Gray, Blue, Orange and Red.

Sometimes the blocks are mixed with each other.

You can set 4 ,3, 2 or 1 color.

The Power Zones Indicator may change every day.

The example below I set only the Orange and Red Blocks. You can see strong reaction when the price touched the yellow zone.

The following picture show you the set parameters of Power Zone Indicator.

1.- Max Range: Defaut is 10. The indicator will find in 10 pips range the powerful prices. I recommend set in 10 pips range.

2.- iComment: Show in the Upper Left Corner the High and Low of current year.

3.- iGray : Gray zones. 1 means gray zone appears in the chart. 0 means do not show the gray zone. This a weak level of price reaction.

4.- iBlue: Blue zones. This a middle level of price reaction.

5.- iOrange: Orange zones. This a strong level of price reaction.

6.- iRed: Red zones. This a strongest level of price reaction.

Take a look of this chart: EURCHF. I set only Red Cluster.

Wonderful!!. Power Zones is very simple and powerful.

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