You can win in the chaos!

This video show how works hedging and martingale EA with EURJPY

The most important is to have under control Max DD, hedging and martiganle is a beautiful concept.

Hedging and Martingale , does it work?

Hello! I am investigating about hedge , martingale and compounding, this strategy is so interesting and risky, we need a good balance among swings, I attach an example with GBPUSD, profit factor of 2.30 and DD 9.8%, 2 months of testing. Please check it out!

Currency Strength Dashboard

Currency Strength dashboard allow to see strong and weak currency by time frame, beautiful !!.

Please read all details: eBook free - Tab User Manual.

Currency Strength

Currency Strength is extremely important and express the value of currency. So when you open a position of currency pair is highly recommended to look what is the situation of all currencies.The basic idea behind indicators is "to buy strong currency and to sell weak currency".

1. Currency Strength is a wonderful indicator of Forex Power Zones. When you install the indicator , WaveAO, you will see Strength Currency on sub window.!

2.- When the system show you Pullback and Divergence , you can confirm status of base and counter currency for taking the best decision.

3.- Currency Strength works with scoring algorithm based on RSI, so this indicator is super solid.

Please read all details: eBook free - Tab User Manual.

Forex Education

Forez Power Zones will teach you methodology about Elliot Waves, WaveAo & Divergences indicators are wonderful:

1. WaveAo uses Elliot Wave theory and Vegas Tunnel Method. The Mission is find Wave 3, 4 and 5 below(above) the tunnel. All strategies are focused in that event.!!

2.- Pullback indicator not repaint!!

3.- When Pullback appears you will see a message in the chart (right corner below) with Take Profit, StopLoss , Points Profit, Points Loss and Risk Reward Ratio.

Please read all details: eBook free - Tab User Manual.